Screens, Research and Hypertext

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The Victorian Web Today

It's a definite throwback.

The Victorian Web is a trip down memory lane in more than one way. It pre-dates the rise of the then-capitalized World Wide Web. As standalone products, both Intermedia and Storyspace offered far richer capabilities than the then-fledgling web, but the maintainers of the Victorian Web gamely tried to port it over anyway.

Screenshot of the Victorian Web as it exists at

It’s a spacer gif and some inline styling away from a full-blown example of the web before web standards. And yet for all its limitations, it's more hypertext than much of what passes for the web today.

For more context

The Victorian Web was one of the early experiments in hypermedia—by one of the early hypertext scholars.

What to read next

I'd like to know more about "early hypertext scholars."

Other items of interest

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The aesthetics were ... not great ... but early websites had some things right.

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