Screens, Research and Hypertext

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On Content

Content is a vector for the transmission of information.

Those of us working in the digital space spend a lot of time talking about content. We have content strategists and content designers. We talk about content-first design.

But content itself? We know it when we see it.

I work exclusively with people who are using evidence-based research to make the world a more peaceful, prosperous, just, equitable and sustainable place.

My clients trade in ideas and evidence. Those things don’t have a specific form. They’re abstractions floating around in the ether. Creating content is about wrestling those abstractions into some concrete form, whether that be a set of words or an infographic or a video. Knowledge and evidence are usable only when we’ve shaped them through discourse or publication.

When things go well, the form effectively transmits ideas and evidence from one person to another.

For more context

We don't always know how to define research outputs. But we know them when we see them.

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