Screens, Research and Hypertext

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Multiple Views and Spatial Arrangements

This is one piece of an interface for Twine, a platform used to create the initial draft of this project. Each box represents one module of content. Arrows show the hyperlinks between modules.

Screenshot of a portion of this project formatted in Twine.

Roam Research—the platform used for the version you're reading right now—includes a dynamic "graph view" of the entire project, which you can access via the network diagram icon at the top right of this screen.

Referenced in

Project Xanadu

Multiple views and spatial arrangements. Xanadu would feature more than one way to visualize and navigate content, including a graph overview that is standard in Roam—available by clicking the little diagram icon up in the top right corner of your screen—and in Twine, which is where I drafted the first version of this project.