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Fahrenheit 451 and the Horrors of Booklessness

Losing books doesn't mean losing books.

To the bibliophile, life without books is a horror beyond imagining. Indeed, dystopian tales of a bookless future have power precisely because books occupy such a central place in our world.

Books transform readers in ways both big and small. Each book leaves its mark. Each shapes us into the persons we are.

But it’s not the physical object that changes us. It’s the text inside. The ideas we wrestled into existence. The tears we shed. The frustrations we felt. Books shape us as surely as teachers, as friends, as lovers.

Those changes remain with us, even when the teachers, the friends, the lovers do not.

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The important parts of reading are the bits that happen inside the text.

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You can care about ideas even if you don't care about the books that birthed them.

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